People call me Nini, sometimes Hermionini, and I have a completely unhealthy love for Tom Felton.
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I was excited to hear that it is audiobook month becoss I am a performer of audiobooks as well as a consumer of audiobooks. I am about to finish listening to David Brooks’ book “The Social Animal.” I love the man who reads it, although I wish he would speed it up a little bit towards the end because I have somewhere to be and would like to finish it. I love audiobooks in general becoss they allow my hands to do other things while I take in a story and they are such a wonderful way to convey literature to those who might not have the immediate ability to read a book. I work with students who read the books on tape that I’ve read and I read with them in person and they follow along in the book and it kind of, maybe expedites the learning to read process and makes it fun. And I look forward to doing more and to celebrating….this month….debaucherously. (x)


What I need is something  only you can give me.

gahhhhh~ why can’t this be real


What I need is something
only you can give me.

gahhhhh~ why can’t this be real

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Andrew and Emma on Teen Vogue, July 2012

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Oh, it’ll take a little time,Might take a little crime

Oh, it’ll take a little time,
Might take a little crime

did you ever want to unfollow a blog cause their personality bugs you to no end but they post good shit so you can’t and you’re forever conflicted 

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James and Lily Potter, from the beginning to the end


Dramione AU | in which it’s Draco who saves her from the troll

Draco was the first to realise Granger was missing. Weasley had said something again that afternoon and she hadn’t been seen since—he’d figured she needed some space, but what with a troll stomping around…

He didn’t wait for the teachers—there wasn’t any time, he figured, and he was right. Just as he passed the girl’s toilets, he saw it, the troll, huge and hideous, and he cautiously walked up there.

The troll was in the process of smashing everything in his vicinity with a huge club, including Granger; yet when she saw him, she was already yelling what to do, having seemingly lost her own wand. And for once he didn’t contradict her, but went along with what he realised was her idea.

He didn’t get to be the hero every day.

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erm…i think it’s just a really nice romantic idea; every girl wants to fall in love and feel special and i think that’s the idea. and we can’t all be princesses, but we can all fall in love and we can all feel beautiful. erm, that’s the idea, every girl’s beautiful and every girl’s a princess. and…a little bit of jewelry helps you feel like that.